It was in 1998 when I decided to gain a foothold in the media industry and started an apprenticeship in this field. After having finished training I subsequently cut my teeth in a couple of agencies while being intensely dedicated to design trends and photography.

From time to time I stepped back to go on a journey for several months where I could see life from a different perspective. And I loved it! Visit my blog for more: .

In 2014 I started my new website just to share my photographic works with you.
I am a travel-obsessed freak – a discoverer, always in search of inspiring places. An observer, never without my Canon 6D… in search of cool people, locations and moments and always open to trends of street and lifestyle.

I adore photography, I adore to play with colours and lines, expression, power and interplay with light and its effects. I love to capture all the unique moments life is offering us in impressive pictures. And: they are supposed to be looked at whether liked or not.